Monday, December 23, 2019

"How to Film Yourself" videos a-plenty

Peter McKinnon, in Jan. 2018, proffered us “How to Film Yourself”.

Basically, get a tripod, get an attachment arm, and set it all up.  Everybody talks about expensive cameras like the A73, and they are getting smaller – except that you need GoPro for really tight spaces.  Some cameras will distort spaces and body proportions if not properly set up.

As for McKinnon’s tats, well, I’d lose them; but I tried to pick the video that answered the question.

You can look at Matt D’Avella’s channel and videos on minimalism, to a wife who does not practice it, and his move from NYC to LA;  but he has a high-end discussion on the technology of successful independent vlogging here.

His DIY manual is also from 2018, “How I Make My Videos”.  He pays a lot of attention to lenses, and various cameras.
John Fish described his operation in a Harvard dorm in Sept. 2018 and indicates a lot of effort with cameras and Final Cut Pro and manipulation of A and B-rolls, probably a few thousand dollars worth of cameras (students get a break on Final Cut).  He is now on gap year in Montreal.
YouTube offers some editing features only to partner programs and monetized channels, but we’ll have to return to that later.

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