Friday, December 20, 2019

"Hann" is a male pronoun in at least one language (and a short film)

Runar Thor’s short film “Hann” (“Him” in Icelandic, 13 min) presents a nerdy teen (Asgeir Sigorusson) trying to remain vague with his parents about the gender of his first date.

The teen finds a teen beaten up at school before walking home, as the main plot develops.  He has gotten asked out, and the parents hope it is a sign they will have grandchildren.  The teen retreats to him room, filled with computers and gaming gear, to freshen up.  

The end of the film uses pronouns to convey the meaning.
The film has some wide screen shots of Reykjavik.  The Icelandic common words are more distant from English and from other Scandanavian languages than I would have expected.  The display of the letter b is odd.  

By Blåmes - Own work, CC0, Link

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