Saturday, December 07, 2019

"Gay Coded Characters" in movies and TV, as per Council of Geeks

“Council of Geeks” discusses “Gay Coded Characters” in “Gay Coding in Movies and TV”. It’s a lecture in seven parts.

I’m not sure if the speaker is fluid or trans, but “they” had a significant video on the COPPA problem recently (the FTC comment period ends Monday Dec. 9, reminder; here's a similar recent video).

Most of the examples here are for older films and are with villains, or comics movies or genres.

  (Well, Frodo’s relationship with Sam is gay-coded, more than just male-best-friend coded).  The “Joker” gets mentioned.   Yes (yeth), the lisp (lithp) can constitute gay-coding, but that was more pre-Stonewall (Tiny Tim, “OGAB”, as was “thmooth”).

This is not the same as casting diversity.  In a particular gay film, it might be important that the characters be sexually attracted to one another for more old-fashioned signals of the “external trappings of manhood.”

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