Friday, December 13, 2019

"First Ever Map of a Neutron Star" makes it look like a Christmas ornament?

First Ever Map of a Neutron Star Reveals Something Weird”, with Anton Petrov.

The neutron star he describes is only about a thousand light years away and is about 14 miles in diameter with a mass slightly larger than the Sun.

The gravity of a neutron star is so strong that it deflects light, and enables you to see some of the backside.  This is called “gravitational lensing” (which would also apply to black holes).  It is possible for a neutron star to have its own planets.

But the pattern of this neutron star is that all the magnetic emissions are coming from the South Pole.

The computer simulations show the surface as having a pebbly-looking surface.
Inside the matter may be so compressed that it becomes “strange matter”.

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