Sunday, December 22, 2019

A screenwriter demonstrates how he does a sci-fi assigned script in 48 hours, and this is engaging!

For today’s short, here is a demonstration by screenwriter Tyler Mowery, “I Wrote a Screenplay in 48 Hours”.  The scenery in the short looks like Los Angeles, maybe the Valley. 

The concept reminds me of the “48 Hour Film Project”.

He assigned himself a generic task, to write a sci-fi feature set on the Moon, with conflict between scientists and politicians from different countries.

He then laid out different characters.

He started writing about eight hours into the task.

The final draft was called “Blue Moon” and is given as a dropbox link on the YouTube file. That's also a name of an ale brand. 

He also uses Harmon’s circle model, which resembles Hauge’s somewhat.

Mowery likes to write on whiteboards, and has trigonometric circle diagrams on it, like he likes to reduce things to mathematics. 
My own script for “Epiphany” takes place largely on an O’Neill cylinder, where the main character has been abducted, as have some people he knows, to go back into backstories to solve a mystery that definitely matters to what happens to everybody on Earth.

Update: March 23 

I read Tyler's screenplay yesterday, "working at home".  The writing is crisp and straightforward, 90 pages.  The idea that a bacterium on the moon could cure disease on Earth (coronavirus??) seems oddly prescient, just before we knew about the pandemic.  

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