Monday, November 11, 2019

"What Would You See Staring at a Black Hole?" (or entering a really large one, if you want to commute among universes)

Riddle has an interesting speculative experience, “What Would You See Staring at a Black Hole?
Some of the video explores the ideas of the movie “Interstellar” (Nov. 2014).
The video maintains that if you entered a very large black hole, like at the center of a particular galaxy 50 million light years away, you might not experience much. Time would slow down.
An observer would see you spaghettified and burned to ashes (maybe by heat from Hawking radiation), but a separate quantum copy of you would exist inside the black hole.
As long as the same observer didn’t see both this doesn’t contradict reality (at 7:00).  
Once you reach the singularity, you might be expelled to another universe through a white hole.
Theoretically, you could live there and then return here from a black hole in that universe.  But it might take so long that Earth would be long gone as the Sun had lived out his life and become a red giant (think about climate change then). But if somehow you could speed the process up, conceivably you could commute between universes and seem like an “alien” with your supernatural abilities, even to your friends.

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