Sunday, November 24, 2019

"Tilt": bizarre comedy in India of two gay men considering a marriage proposal in a restaurant, and there are distractions

Tilt” is a bizarre short film by Rohit Bhardwaj, Star 18 and Humaramovie (17 min).

In a restaurant in India, a young man intended to give a wedding ring to a dashing but inconsiderate more attractive man. The attractive man insists on smoking outside, and then insists that more diminutive suitor out himself to his parents, admitting he won’t give them grandchildren.

In the hallway there is a collection of paintings, and one of them shows two crashed small boats, and the painting is tilted to make on of them look level. The first young man keeps adjusting the picture and an older man sitting there gets angry and threatens the younger man’s life.

The suitor goes outside for another smoke.  Then a reconciliation must follow.
Some of the dialogue is in Hindi and some heavily accented English.  The men “look” European. 

The premise of the film is bizarre as India does not recognize same-sex marriage and has only recently loosened the sodomy laws. 

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