Thursday, November 28, 2019

"The Truth Behind Social Media": people aren't as good as they make themselves look on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram (or even ephemeral Snapchat)

The Truth Behind Social Media”, aka “The Fake Reality: This Is How Social Media Is Destroying your Life”, by MotivationGrid.

The film says that an entire generation is addicted to the dopamine fix from social media, so they don’t know how to turn to people for help.

A lot of people look better on social media than they really are. The implication is that people who aren't good enough don't matter (welcome to Fascism -- and we got Donald Trump.) 
Well, some people I know really did come from “the real world only”, and with a few of them, I leave it that way.
The film shows Mark Zuckerberg (“who is an alien”) being questioned by Congress.  Zuckerberg conquered the planet.  Artificial Intelligence can take the galaxy.

Here's a similar short, "Tobacco Farmers in T-Shirts" (6 min) by "Be Inspired"/ 

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