Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"The Golden Age of the Internet Is Over" by Glink (it looks like it really is)

Glink presents “The Golden Age of the Internet Is Over”.

The golden age lasted between about 1999 and 2009, and maybe reached its nadir in 2007.

Myspace, the film says, allowed more creativity (an anonymity) than Facebook does today.

Facebook emphasized using real identities and social connections, rather than just content publishing.

The Internet became corporatized. Remember the days of the dot-com boom and bust?

He covers the censorship and sensitivity to mobs and cancel-culture (and vulnerable to left-wing tactics) as a natural result of too much consolidation and not enough competition, like there used to be.
At the end, Glink sings and performs and Internet song and tastefully shows himself off.  I believe I have seen him in DC before (but the film seems to be shot in Arizona and probably California judging from outdoor shots).  This short film (26 minutes) gets 5 stars.  He should enter it into DC Shorts (film festival every fall).

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