Monday, November 25, 2019

"Something About COPPA" and this video is rated 13+

“Something About COPPA (13+)” is a delicious 2-minute satire of what YouTube videos will look like after January 1, 2020, by Terminal Montage.

I’ve covered this problem on other blogs. An “age-gate”, automatically invoked when an IP address is signed on for the first time to a social media site, and secured and fed into a method to block behavioral advertising to that address, would solve the legal problem.  The idea has been known since the COPA trial (not COPPA) in 2007. It would cost maybe $20 million or so to develop and sell.
This little satire is not for kids – or is it?  Pewdiepie has weighed in on this, and so has Tim Pool.  

The best videos on COPPA come from Hoeg Law in Michigan.

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