Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Rendition": A gentle Jake Gyllenhaal plays a CIA agent and internal investigator witnessing "his first torture" overseas

“Rendition” was a dramatic film about the intelligence community in 2007, directed by Gavin Hood, for New Line Cinema.  It seems appropriate to review now given recent films like “The Report” and “Official Secrets”. 

After a terrorist attack in North Africa kills an American, an Egyptian engineer is arrested when returning to the US. The man’s wife seeks assistance.  In the meantime, the CIA, to cover its behind, sends a young officer Douglas Freeman, played by a gentle Jake Gyllenhaal, abroad to witness the interrogations. 
There is a funny line where Doug says, “I am supposed to witness my first torture.”  The film proceeds to connect these two disparate threads.  

Gyllenhaal looks good in this picture as I remember, but in other films he has defaced his body. I think there is a term "extreme rendition". 

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