Saturday, November 09, 2019

"No Safe Spaces": new documentary on erosion of free speech on campuses and in big Tech as Marcuse-like ideas become popular in some young adults

No Safe Spaces: You Have the Right to Remain Silent”, is a new documentary about the “cancel culture” and erosion of free speech on campuses, particularly.  It started limited theatrical release on Oct. 25, 2019.

The film is directed by Justin Folk and written by John Sullivan.

Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager, and Jordan Peterson appear.

Carolla appeared on Smerconish on Saturday, Nov. 9 and discussed today’s young adults as having inappropriate self-concept and lack of respect for the idea that they should prove themselves in life, the way “we” are used to the idea. That is true with some people, but certainly not at the very top of students. Carolla expressed concern that this "right not to be offended" view was metastisizing to tech companies. The lack of free expression defeats the purpose of a university. 

Some students (like in March for our Lives) may have very “progressive” policies on some issues like gun control but don’t try to interfere with the online speech of other individuals.

You can “demand” that the movie be shown in your city if it hasn’t yet with this form.   I have done this myself.

Note video "Adam Corolla's White Privilege". 

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