Saturday, November 02, 2019

"Jordan Peterson: Truth in a Time of Chaos": 2018 featurette with a long interview of the controversial Canadian psychologist

Jordan Peterson: Truth in a Time of Chaos” (2018), 50 minutes, presented by Rebel Wisdom, a UK-based media group that focuses on psychology, growth, and society.

Jonathan Pageau (is he from Britain or from Quebec?) directs the film and comes to Peterson’s suburban Toronto home in the fall to interview him, after Peterson has been challenged by “students” at the airport because he won’t yield to their demands on being willing to use gender-neutral pronouns.

There is a newer film “The Rise of Jordan Peterson” (2019), which is controversial and caused protests where it has been screened and is now on Amazon.  I expect to review it soon on Wordpress.
Peterson starts with the premise that self-interest is natural, and even some degree of psychopathy may be natural.  Most people are potential “losers” or helpless people born into difficult circumstances and know they will die.  But it is nevertheless everyone’s personal responsibility to overcome this impulse toward nihilism and fix their own lives (rather than count on recruiting others to solidarity with neutering the past, even though the past has summarized into systematic inequality).  
He has no objection to people’s own differences and their handling them personally their own way, even trans.  He says he has a problem with making an ideology out of using it to control other people or extract group revenge for the collective sins of the past.

He mentions the corruption of our idea of logos, and the idea of “the shadow” in horror films.

He also mentions the idea that masculinity itself is under attack.
He also echoes the idea that “all learning is remembering”, which sounds like something I said in high school senior AP chemistry class in January 1961, “all learning is memorizing”, and the class gasped.  The Inauguration Day blizzard as to arrive shortly.

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