Thursday, November 14, 2019

"Fracture": Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins faced off in 2007 crime film

Recently I reviewed “Fractured” on a Wordpress blog about a broken reality experience associated with an accidental death.  But there is a 2007 movie called “Fracture”, directed by Gregory Hoblit, based on a story by Gregory Pyne, from New Line Cinema.  It turns out I had seen it then and reviewed it briefly on a legacy site.

Anthony Hopkins plays Ted Crawford, a structural engineer, who discovers his wife is in an affair with a cop (Billy Burke), and shoots her (Embeth Davidtz).

Crawford matches wits with a rising prosecutor Willy Beachum (Ted Crawford), and even tries to represent himself.  Beachum is trying to move into civilian corporate practice.  Crawford gets himself off on a technicality, but later becomes involved with taking his wife off life-support, losing his right to protection from double jeopardy.

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