Wednesday, November 06, 2019

"Better Left Unsaid": documentary in progress, interviews Norm Chomsky (and he is asked to comment on Jordan Peterson)

“Better Left Unsaid”, a film in progress, interviews Noam Chomsky.

He talks about Jordan Peterson, Post-Modernism, Foucault, and Ali – and the changes in the Left, away from classical liberalism now to identity politics and intersectionality. He sees Peterson is on the far right. He seems to have some interest in leftist anarchy (like NonCompete channel’s).

Ironically, he says, however, the most extreme from of identity politics is white nationalism. 

The Right, he says, is committed to destroying human life.

The talks about concepts like “bureaucratic affinity”.

He also says that the typical hourly workplace is more oppressive than political authoritarianism, since it regiments the individual practically into slavery. Yet a Maoist would want everyone to have to take his turn at this.

Chomsky is now 90 and lives in Arizona.

At the end he is asked “did you clean your room?”

The film is to be directed by Curt Jaimungal and there is an Indiegogo funding page here

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