Wednesday, November 13, 2019

"Bad Boy's Group Session": Screenwriting lessons for gay comedy?

Artie O’Daly has a series of short films called “Bad Boy”, whose subject matter seems elusive.

Film #10 (like a Symphony #10) is called “Bad Boy's Group Session”.  An African-American woman counsels a young screenwriter (think “Adaptation” with Nicholas Cage playing twin screenwriters) in a group session with other characters, including another guy who is the screenwriter’s would-be boy friend.

There is a lot of word salad, with some alliterations, puns and metaphors, one referring to the scene in “Fargo” where one of the villains falls into a wood chipper (making an ending "piece-ful"). 

But the idea here seems to be that the writers have to come up with what will really sell to agents. Comedy writing for series is very hard.

I remember that a guy in Minneapolis had a script called "I Hate Speed-dating".  I heard a table reading of it in 2003.  (Remember the Jungle Theater, near Lake Street.)  This film reminded me of "Brent". 

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