Friday, November 08, 2019

"2019 Green Race Hightlight Reel": kayaking, from the Andraka brothers, a fall break from work and grad school

For today, a real treat and something unusual.  Here is the “2019 Green Race Highlight Reel” (Vimeo) for a recent kayaking whitewater race apparently near Saluda, NC.

Luke Andraka (Jack’s brother – Jack is known for his new test for pancreatic cancer as in the “Science Fair” movie) appears and is shown at times.  I believe Jack is in here once, and apparently raced in Europe (Croatia) last summer.

The company that markets this race is “Amongstit” and has an odd link, “Stop making videos”, where it urges organizers to do other things besides produce content.

But this is a spectacular 16 minute short film (many shots of the narrows crowded with spectators), and could well be good festival material, maybe for DC Shorts next year.  

The picture above is near Brown Mountain, my trip, 2016

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