Friday, October 25, 2019

"Why Did Every Dual Use Stadium Fail?" Symmetrical outfields are boring,

Why Did Every Dual Use Stadium (MLB, NFL) Fail?, from Five Points VIDS.

It's a geometry problem, The shapes of the fields are so different. Give it on a high school math final exam. 

The video points out that Oakland stadium is the last to become baseball only, and most of them have been demolished.
I thought that the symmetrical baseball outfields that became standard in the 1970s were boring.
In 2002, I “volunteered” or was employed, whatever, in fast food at three events at the old Metrodome in Minneapolis, which is now gone (US Bank for football, and Target Field for baseball two blocks from the Gay Nineties). I also went to a filmmaking audience party with Warner Brothers in Nov. 1997 to be an extra in “Major League 3”.
The video gives some interesting history of Camden Yards and MBanks stadiums in Baltimore, enabled by the Colts going to Indianapolis in the middle of the night in 1984. 

The video was sponsored by Manscape, which has also sponsored some videos by Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell. 

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