Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"The State of Denmark": Journeyman Pictures looks at the alt-right anti-immigration sentiment in one of Europe's most progressive countries

The State of Denmark: Understanding Denmark’s Growing Anti-Immigration Stance”, reported by Hamish MacDonald, from Journeyman Pictures, posted recently (28 min).

Hamish tours the country riding with a Turkish Muslim performer Ellie Jokar, and gradually uncovers the growing alt-right and anti-immigration sentiment in the country which has grown since 2014.
But some of it started back in 2005 with the Jyllands-Posten Cartoon Controversy

MacDonald interviews one woman who regrets the law not allowing her to wear a burqa in public.
He also interviews a Turkish woman who owns a wedding planning business for Muslims.  She has been in the country for forty years and fears being asked to leave.

MacDonald views a religious shrine called Bluestone from 965AD as a Christian symbol.

He also interviews a couple of rather tribal, right-wing politicians including Rasmus Paludan, who remains unapologetic about ethnic pride and separatism.
O, Hamish, one thing, please lose the shorts. 
I spent one evening in Copenhagen in July 1972 on vacation and got a bit soused on one Heineken in the amusement park.
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