Sunday, October 27, 2019

"People Eat Live Octopus!?" -- Bostwiki's own little horror movie

“People Eat Live Octopus!?  In Korean Culture?”  Bostwiki hand-embeds (from his MacBook) two different scenes of women trying to eat live octopus in South Korea.  This video by this journalist from Kansas (now with a major paper) counts as a “short film” in my book.

The second clip is quite graphic, as the octopus tries to choke the woman with its suckers.  It’s like a horror movie scene.  A few years ago, Reid Ewing had pointed out some similarly graphic video from Japan.

The octopus is a mollusk, an invertebrate, but it is thought to have the intelligence and problem-solving ability of a house cat.  Parts of its brain are distributed into the arms, so it’s hard to imagine what its POV consciousness is like.  People do eat live oysters in the US, also mollusks, but with much less apparent intelligence.

We can wonder about eating live lobsters or boiling them live in supermarkets.  Can arthropods be self-aware and feel pain?
There are videos showing a house cat confronting an octopus on a wharf, and the cat chases it so it dives into the water.  Most people when watching a video like that feel an affiliation with the cat, which has similar intelligence, because it is much closer to use biologically. We don’t see the cat as “alien” but we do the octopus.

Wikipedia attribution:

By Silke Baron - originally posted to Flickr as Veined Octopus - Amphioctopus Marginatus eating a Crab, CC BY 2.0, Link

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