Monday, October 28, 2019

"How Would Anarchism Work in Real Life?"

NonCompete, the channel of “American Johnson”, has a three part series (total about 40 minutes), “How Would Anarchism Work in Real Life?”, created in August 2018. 

His political model is combining communitarianism with “anarchism”.

The second video talks about the “individual” and the third talks about the military and security.
I think his idea is related a bit to income sharing.  I have discussed Twin Oaks in Virginia, which I visited for one Saturday afternoon tour in April 2012.
He sees society as organized into communes, founded on the idea of localism. Each community would have about 150 people and people could exert direct democracy through Borda counts or even sortition (like jury duty).  The communes would confederate into larger units but almost all government would be local.

He talks about problems of the nation state as coercive and to his credit talks about the draft and Selective Service.
He thinks that most criminal behavior in poor people happen because they have no incentive to follow the rules and have nothing to lose. He thinks crime pretty much goes away if you eliminate inequality.  Is this Utopian thinking?   He seems dismissive of the idea of individual ego. 

Unrepentent capitalists would still have to be segregated and "rehabilitated" humanely, without revenge. 

Society would ideally be moneyless, and jobs would rotate somewhat, and a typical workweek would be 20 hours or less.  (At Twin Oaks it is 42 hours, as of that visit).  Sloughing would result in some separation after basic needs were met and loss of all privileges. 
But I can imagine a young progressive president and Congress considering allowing autonomous communal self-government in income-sharing communities in the future, maybe by the 2030’s.  The localism would go along with dealing with climate change. Is that what a David Hogg or a Cameron Kasky might actually try to do?

Picture: warehouse for tofu products at Twin Oaks, my 2012 visit, in the middle of the property 10 miles SW of Mineral, VA. 

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