Friday, October 18, 2019

"Are You Smarter than a Slime Mold?" -- maybe a model for extraterrestrial life?

Are You Smarter than a Slime Mold?”, by “It’s Okay to Be Smart”.

Slime molds are usually composed of single-cell amoebas (eukaryotic) that have coalesced to find food, but they are capable of developing fruiting bodies and allowing some cells to sacrifice themselves, called “altruism”.

Actually, there is more than one type of organization. A “plasmodial” mold has a single membrane (multiple nuclei in one “cell”), or cellular.

There have been suggestions that extraterrestrial life is likely to use the slime mold model, and that a “paper thin” mold could live in Titan’s methane lakes (not sure what it would eat).
The movie “The Blob” will deserve a review soon.

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