Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"What Is Consciousness?" The Economist (and Michio Kaku)

What Is Consciousness?”, from The Economist.

The film isolates the claustrum, underneath the cerebrum, as critical.

Consciousness is continuity of a point-of-view about one’s experience in the environment, with the capacity to make choices of interactions and live with the consequences of choices.  Consciousness, when taking action based on choices, reduces entropy.

The video describes a theory of mind, meaning a conscious being and imagine another conscious being (even an animal) from externality. Some speakers and writers can communicate what it is like to be “him”.  Just watch a John Fish growth video. But a “relationship” produces that kind of illusion.
Michio Kaku describes closed loops composed of individual pieces analogous to thermostats. These objects can detect temperature, moisture, space, and time. Only humans and maybe a few animals can process time.

Kurgesagt weighs in with the first of a series. 

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