Sunday, September 15, 2019

"Titan: A Frozen Oasis": new short film with an interesting prediction about Saturn's lively moon

Titan: A Frozen Oasis” is a new 16-minute short film from SEA: The Lesser Worlds.
The film notes that Titan has an underground ocean (like Europa) which could have its own life, creating a “political struggle” if there is also sheet-like life in the oceans on the surface (rather like slime molds, maybe).
The cloudtops get 1% of the sunlight on Earth.

The moon is slightly smaller than Ganymede (Jupiter) not counting the atmosphere.  
The interesting premise of this film is that when the Sun turns into a red giant starting in about 5 billion years (long after life on Earth is fried – by true climate change – and Earth has had to evacuate) the moon will warm up, the ice mountains will melt and conditions may be similar to a primordial Earth (no oxygen at first).  But it will have only a few hundred million years of mild temperatures.

The film also mentions “Avengers: Endgame” with Thanos depicted as living on a terraformed Titan. YouTube activist Carlos Maza was sometimes compared to Thanos in memes a few months ago during a major censorship controversy.

NASA 2018 photo of Titan surface under the clouds, 2018, Public Domain 

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