Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The new "Joker" movie planned for release by Warner Brothers raises questions about "stochastic radicalization" on unstable people

Warner Brothers has issued a statement regarding the controversy over the planned release of its film “Joker” (directed by Todd Phillips) with Joqauin Phoenix, which apparently is related to the Aurora CO shootings in July 2012 by James Holmes, Entertainment Weekly story

As I recall, Holmes planned his attack over many months for nihilistic motives, and claimed to be inspired by the Joker character of the Dark Knight movies director by Christopher Nolan (see July 21, 2012 post). 

But the controversy over whether media (including games and movies as well as YouTube videos) radicalizes already unstable people “stochastically” is becoming increasingly troubling.
ABC reports that Aurora survivors are urging Warner Brothers to support gun control (I suspect it already does). This matter was followed up on ABC World News Tonight with more warnings oddly from the US military. .

Update: Oct 4

Tim Pool gives it a 9.9/10 after going to a Thursday night preview.  It is about wealth inequality (not about incels) and Antifa's motives.  I am back from a trip and will see it soon. 

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