Tuesday, September 10, 2019

"The Fifth of November": a women loses her fiance to gun violence and plots for group revenge

A site called “The Audience Awards” offers a lot of new short films in circulation, some not on YouTube. 

(Note: As pf  9/13, the film is no longer available publicly and the video is marked private now by embeds.  The video below is a poem of the same name by Juliette Hannah.  I don't see a trailer in YouTube now but I'll look again soon;  there is likely to be one soon.  IMDB link.  I'll check later to see how to get an account to view the private films ).

The Fifth of November”, directed by Javier Augusto Nunez, entered in a horror short circulation, presents Jane, a secular possibly Muslim woman (not really PoC) played by Qurrat Ann Kadwani with a good job in San Diego.  The said date is her birthday.  As it approaches, she recalls how her fiancé (William H. Bryant, African American) was murdered in a restaurant in a mass shooting a year ago.
The boyfriend had urged her to get into real group activism and spend less time alone.

She begins to imagine her revenge, to kidnap and shoot a white man for his part in collective guilt. Os this real or just a fantasy? 

The title of the film reminds me of the play "The Fifth of July" which I saw in NYC in 1978.  The film comes from QK Company and was made with SAG.

Picture: San Diego, night, 2012 (mine)

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