Monday, September 16, 2019

"Sleep Is Just Death Being Shy" -- even if you didn't pass on your own genes

Sleep Is Just Death Being Shy”, by exurb1a.

Right, every conscious being sleeps. 

The filmmaker counts how many descendants we should have with our DNA in a number or years or generations.  He doesn’t mention climate change but he does talk about the sun warming and making the Earth uninhabitable anyway in less than a billion years – meaning evacuate Earth – when there is not room for everybody, posing moral questions we aren’t ready for.

So maybe the information content of your own life is permanent and winds up stored on the surface of a black hole forever, if you have a normal passing at tend of natural life (my mother more or less did).  Maybe your consciousness misses physicality.  Or maybe if you die suddenly and violently at someone else’s hands (or even your own), you are denied even that permanence.

But I will have zero descendants with my DNA.  Will that matter?

It won’t when the Universe ends, if it does. 
Maybe as you go, time stops and you sense immortality in a relativistic sense.

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