Thursday, September 19, 2019

Scottish family films "I GPS-Tracked My Cats for 24 Hours" and they are smart

I GPS-Tracked My Cats for 24 Hours”. 

A British couple has two male cats, brothers, maybe neutered.  When one of them, Ralph, stayed out all night, the couple tracked both cats. 

Ralph would leave several times a night, return through the cat door, eat, maybe crawl into bed, and then go out again. 

What’s interesting is that the cats remember all the different locations in their territory, and remember the home.  Cats that have been moved have been known to find their old homes.
The domestic cat ( Sci-Show, which has more than one ancestor) is the only major mammal that can regularly “adopt” and decide to live with a human while still essentially a wild animal.  The cat can remember your house, which apartment, and even the sound of your car.  In biological terms, this is a tremendous adaptation, self-domestication, that gave it an enormous reproductive advantage.  
Carnivores and omnivores (and for some reason elephants) have found that intelligence (and self-awareness) helps them multiply and spread their genes.

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