Friday, September 13, 2019

"Natural Born Settlers": NYTImes op-doc on what life is like in a West Bank settlement

The New York Times has an interesting op-doc (among many), this one directed by Iris Zaki, “Natural Born Settlers” (18 min), with the subtitle “What It’s Like to Group up in an Israeli Settlement”.

A young woman who has grown up in Tel Aviv decides to spend the summer living in a West Bank Settlement of Tekoa.  It is viewed as a “moderate” settlement, compared to Hebron, with is more radical. There are 132 legal settlements and 106 illegal, according to the film.

She rents part of a small house on the edge of town, and then opens a tiny snack shop, and first is visited by a cat, but soon has a parade of people willing to be interviewed and filmed. Many have grown up in the settlement and believe Israel has its only possible homeland, and that the Palestinians are here because of “history”. 

One woman lost part of her family to a drive-by terrorist shooting.
Another woman says Israel has to decide on the sovereignty question for the West Bank and suggests a confederation as a legal structure.

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