Saturday, September 07, 2019

"It's Still My Bed": when the parents "hire" a roommate for the summer

Tyler Reeves presents a 17-minute short film, “It’s Still My Bed’, by Tyler Reeves (link).

David (Damian Joseph Quinn) comes home to his parents’ desert ranch from college, and finds his parents have hired a farmhand Brent (Cooper Stone).  David has already been coming out to a supposed girl friend at college, and now he suspects Brent is gay.

This film goes out of its way to present “masculine” gay men.  These two are model "macho men", yet clean cut, perfect, with body sanctity.  No fluidity or ambiguity. 

The film is rated R, for some rather explicit fantasy material, so I can’t embed it.  I’ll embed Palm Springs Pride instead, as a kind of pseudo-trailer.  I was last there in 2012.

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