Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"Every Day I Wake Up as Someone Else": also, woke Left gets a run of a film about Jordan Peterson canceled

“Roman K.” delivers a short film “Everyday I Wake Up As Someone Else”, by SirSpooksaLot.

The video (about 13 minutes) in black and white, shows the path down a stairwell of a walkup.

Every day he wakes up as a different person, and within a half hour has the memories of that person.
But in time that person perishes that day after some violent event.  A teenage girl who had been bullied in school had committed suicide in a locked bathroom, and the mother had not been able to save her. He later, at the end, wakes up as the mother.

Does this premise for a narrative make sense?  Suppose after you’re gone, the information content of your life is transferred to a living person and you wake up in that body with your memories, and then taken on “his”, and then get cut off once you know too much.  Maybe it only happens when he is aroused.  Maybe he has captured other people and you start taking on their personas with each successive wakeup. In between, there has to be an awareness of waiting, of Erwartgung (Schoenberg’s piece) forever.

A Toronto theater has canceled a screening of a biography “The Rise of Jordan Peterson”, directed Patricia Marcoccia, from Holding Space Films and Gravitas Ventures,  after “complaints” from the woke-left.  I’ll be on the lookout for this one.  

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