Monday, September 23, 2019

48-Hour Film project has an open house, film sample in Alexandria VA

The 48 Hour Film Project held a open showing Sunday night at the Evening Star Café in Alexandria, VA, and showed eight films.  The contest in northern VA occurs the weekend of Oct. 11. I think they have filmed in the Westover Market in Arlington VA before.  

The film required a professor as a character, a glove as a prop, and the line “The devil is in the details” in the script.

The first four films were all horror.

No Glove, No Love” took place at a party (hosted for his students by a professor) with some butchery as a result when a guest wasn’t prepared.

Theology” looked at the subject of shamans or satanic figures as objects of worship after a ritual.

Buzzz” dealt with a rogue exterminator and, well, colony collapse disorder (no reference to buzzfeed).

Scout” from Crash of Rhinos had a farm woman finding an alien presence on her property.
After a break, there were four more films with varied categories.

Alloway Lane” involved found footage. A female professor buys a suburban townhouse (the film was shot in Beltsville, MD) on a foreclosure sale. Soon she finds a recording made by who lived here before, and goes downstairs looking for demons.  Whenever an existing house is sold, there is always the possible issue of problems with the online reputation of the original owner.  This was the best film.

Sacco” had a party of men chased by a clown (rather like I.T.) who is not gay (sorry, Eduardo) and everybody gets slashed to pieces.

Rooms” has a concept that actually happens in the backstory of my own novel.  A woman has a secret baby in what seems like an imaginary room.  I’ll have to review how I treated this idea.

Black Box” challenges a woman to follow some complex directions in a hangar to find and disable a box in order to perform backward time travel and save the world.  Not possible, because time is based on causality in physics.

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