Friday, August 02, 2019

"Why You Should Never Travel to North Korea": followup by Jacob Laukaitis

Jacob Laukaitis, now 25, explains “Why You Should Never Travel to North Korea”.  This video follows up an earlier film presented here Aug. 24, 2017.

At the time I reviewed the first video, Otto Warmbier had already been returned from North Korea and died upon arrival in the US.

But Laukaitis (who was born in 1994 in Lithuania, three years after the breakup of the Soviet Union) had made his earlier travels look interesting.

Now he admits that the North Korean government stages everything he was allowed to see, and almost all the money spent there goes to prop up Kim Jong Un’s regime and nothing goes to the people.
Wikipedia link, White House picture of Trump with Kim Jong Un (p.d.)  

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