Tuesday, August 06, 2019

"What Caused the Big Bang?"

What Caused the Big Bang?”, from Deep Astronomy.

This is one of many typical videos that try to explain how space expanded from nothing, and is counterintuitive because space, while constant expanding, is simply all that there is.
It is like blowing up a balloon where we live on the surface (or inside it).

The big shakeout resulted in the four forces of physics and matter instead of antimatter.

A better question is, “why am I, me?”  Why do I live now?  If I had lived at the time of the resurrection and ascension, that might have explained everything.
Instead, I watch, and create a progression of my own ironies, the information of which will always exists and influence what follows me.

Arvish Ash has some related videos that explain how the universe came from a zero-size object to a finite object through quantum tunneling, for example

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