Saturday, August 10, 2019

"The Hunt" canceled by Universal after recent rampage incidents, although the movie is said to be related to a classic "The Most Dangerous Game"

Universal has cancelled the release of “The Hunt” by Craig Zobel and Blumhouse, for September, after the reaction to the two rampages last weekend.

The film has persons who have been captured finding out they are targets for a hunt in the woods.  An article (linked by imdb) by Dave Trumbore in Collider compares the film to the 1932 classic “The Most Dangerous Game” (May 5, 2009 review here) by Irving Pichel, based on a 1927 story by Richard Connell.  I was working on a substitute teaching assignment in northern Virginia in October 2005 where the story was discussed in an English class and the students were asked to write a paper on “brains v. brawn” in the story.  During the assignment, there was a major controversy concerning writing of my own that had been found on the Internet (regarding a fictitious screenplay I had written about a substitute teacher who gets into trouble, and then this happened later in real life, although not by me).  I’ve discussed this elsewhere (“BillBoushka” blog, July 27, 2007).  So this whole thing now is very ironic.  I have not heard the last of that 2005 incident, as something related to it happened in the 2016 election. This little incident keeps coming back and biting other people (like Hillary Clinton).

Furthermore Fox News had claimed (as quoted in the Collider story) that the film satirizes killing of Trump supporters (the "basket of deplorables"), and Trump tweeted about it.
But NBC News says that the film presents "the rich stalking the poor." 
It sounds reasonable to expect a DVD or VID eventually, from an indie distributor. 

But any writer with an edgy script that gets a movie greenlight has to wonder if politics will outrun his/her work.  My own “dangerous” screenplay is integrated into the backstory of a screenplay feature of mine where the characters have been abducted by “angels” and are being studied (and "chosen" for a journey) as they live in an O’Neill cylinder.  Will that be too controversial?
Regal Potomac Yards in Alexandria VA still had a poster for the film in the lobby tonight. 

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