Wednesday, August 07, 2019

"The Carrington Event of 1859": short film from a sci-fi author gives a level-headed explanation of a event that could sack the power grids today

John Michael Godier explains “The Carrington Event of 1859
Godier, a science fiction author, doesn’t overplay the narrative, but warns that similar coronal mass ejection occurred in July 2012 and the Earth missed it by only a few days.  It could have done trillions of dollars in damage to US infrastructure. He also discusses a 1989 incident in Quebec. 
He also demonstrates with animation and art what the auroras looked like as far south as the Caribbean in 1859 and in the American west.  The CME arrived on September 1, 1859.
Telegraph operators actually got electric shocks from the effects, and messages got sent even when the equipment was off.
He also talks about a similar event in 774 AD.
Wikipedia attribution:
By Richard Carrington - Page 540 of the Nov-Dec, 2007 issue of American Scientist (volume 95), Public Domain, Link

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