Monday, August 26, 2019

"Sleep Study: My Sleep Paralysis on Camera": It starts out like a grainy horror movie

Computing Forever, Dave, who seems to be a young white adult male conservative blogger, shows his “Sleep Study: My Sleep Paralysis on Camera”.

The footage is in dusky black and white, like a horror movie, shades of Blair Witch (howbeit indoors).  My own screenplay "Epiphany" starts with a scene like this. 
He has electrodes attached to his bod, which are gradually revealed later, as he describes and shows sleep paralysis.
I sometimes have it when waking up. You want to move your legs and then sit up and you can’t.  I wonder if ALS (which my cousin died of in early 2018) is like this.

But medicine generally doesn't think it's serious. 
There would be the possibility that death might be like this, at space-time would freeze, and time would not advance, and you would experience stuck there forever.
Dave says that sometimes you can keep dreaming while awake, and this could explain alien abduction accounts.
An attendant comes into the room and he negotiates (Trump-like) the idea that he will push a button to summon her if another episode happens.  It doesn’t. 
It’s possible to imagine an erotic or ritualistic screenplay movie based on material like this.

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