Friday, August 16, 2019

"How Safe Is China, Really?": Poppy (American travel blogger) documents living in China (Shenzhen)

“Where’s Poppy?” provides a 14-minute video, “How Safe Is China, Really?”

Poppy takes an air trip from Shenzhen to Nanking by air and visits some of the historical sites. Namking is half way to Shanghai. Toward the end, a woman goes way of the way to “chaperone” her back to her hotel.  I had an experience (in the US) on a bike trip in the 1990s I think I’ve share before.
She also left her camera and other affects unattended for a moment outside and no one disturbed them.

She has many other videos on her travel blog about life in Shenzhen, including cost of living.  Rent is about $900 a month for a reasonable high-rise, and she lives with a boy friend (white, English speaking, American).  Shenzhen is the closest big city to Hong Kong, which is certainly under stress now.

She does mention Internet service, which is like phone service and doesn’t discuss the controversy over censorship or social credit systems. She makes life there look very agreeable, in one-party unary Communist country.
But there is another video about how she was scammed out of $5000.

By Simbaxu - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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