Thursday, August 08, 2019

"Homegrown Revolution": important film about urban homesteading in Los Angeles

Path to Freedom – “Urban Homestead” offers the 2009 short film “Homegrown Revolution”.

One of the speakers makes an interesting reference to the Vietnam era draft.

But he took up urban homesteading in Pasadena CA when he returned.  In the 1990s he started farming with mulch.  He also took action to protect his family from food additives (or “alien food” as he calls it).

He also makes biodiesel fuel.

“Don’t look to others to change. You have to change yourself.  The government won’t do it.”  Sounds like Jordan Peterson!

Economic Invicibility (youtube channel) has sometimes advocated this activity, as has Tim Pool.
This group was involved in a trademark controversy (the Dervaes family) described today on my trademark blog.

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