Thursday, August 15, 2019

Film by Arvin Ash simulates traveling inside a black hole ("Crazy Journey")

I wanted to share Arvin Ash’s “Realistic Simulation: Inside a Black Hole: New Universe Through a White Hole?” (15 min).  The processed strike image reads "Crazy Journey: Inside a Monster Black Hole". 

Although no one can survive the tidal forces of going through an event horizon, you might someone feel pretty normal inside one if you could – but you are lost forever to the universe.  Furthermore, he says, every direction is down.

Space moves but time stops.
Arvin talks about the various mathematical theories about the singularity.
That’s why you have no sense of existence before conception, yet your life seems “indefinite” or infinite when you live it.
What if a black hole inside our galaxy generated another big bang?

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