Tuesday, August 27, 2019

"Contact", based on Carl Sagan's novel, seems a bit corny now, but sends Jodie Foster finding alien civilizations

I saw “Contact” (1997), directed by Robert Zemeckis (Warner Brothers) at the old Shirlington.

Theater in Arlington on July 11, 1997, the day my first book was officially published.
It’s based on the 1984 novel by Carl Sagan, who passed away six months before the film was completed.

A young scientist Eleanor Arroway (Jodie Foster) works on the Very Large Array in New Mexico (which I visited once in the 1980s). She receives a signal which she decrypts to be the plans for an unusual spaceship based on large gyroscopic rings.  It seems to come from Vega, a surprisingly young star. 
The first attempt, which is very large, blows up on the dock (I remember that scene, where the device spins itself into destruction), but there is a second secret one, which she rides through wormholes, sees alien cities on various planets, and finally meets an alien who is a projection of one of her own relatives.  With David Morse, Tom Skerritt, and Matthew McCaonaughey.

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