Friday, August 09, 2019

"Are We Alone in the Universe?" I say, consider the orcas

I wanted to share an Arvin Ash short, “Are We Alone in the Universe? Likely Yes, and Here’s Why

OK, there are some really improbable things that happened.  The collision that gave Earth a nearby large moon and an iron core and strong magnetic field.

And some fortuitous extinctions and survivals, like a single backboned "worm" survived one of the older extinctions.

But we are not the only really intelligent species.  Dolphins including orcas have more brain power than we do – their sonar is essentially a biological Internet. And they have been intelligent longer than we have.  But they went back to the water – free fish – and lost the use of hands and tools.
Quantum theory suggests that whatever can happen eventually does.  Maybe civilizations are spread apart in time as well as distance.  

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