Thursday, July 25, 2019

"I Co-Founded Facebook. It's Time to Break It Up". Chris Hughes makes a short film for the NYTimes

“I Co-Founded Facebook. It’s Time to Break It Up.”  This is a short film by Chris Hughes (5 min) of Hickory NC, from the New York Times (op-ed, paywall).

We’ve heard the argument before.  But it is true, Mark Zuckerberg is answerable to no one. If he were an alien, there could have been no more convincing idea to conquer the planet.

The video is followed online with another video of a political meeting generated in 2016 by Russian fake news on Facebook.

Hughes points out that competition actually makes some companies stronger.  He suggests that WhatsApp and Instagram be spun off as separate companies.

Hughes looks his 35 years, compared to David Pakman, who doesn’t.
Hughes says he wants to see more companies launched in dorm rooms.  Maybe John Fish at Harvard will do just that.

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