Sunday, July 28, 2019

"Debunked: Socialism Has Never Worked" by David Pakman

OK, David Pakman deserves credit for a short film for his 20-minute “Debunked: Socialism Has Never Worked”.  Well, when I was a late teen I had to admit I had "never worked before" and was in danger of sinking into mooch-hood. 

The film is mostly animated and photoshopped and David, handsome as he is, never shows his face in this one.

Pakman gives credit to democratic socialism for creating desirable environments in the Scandanavian countries today (plus Finland), and says that during ancient history the Incas and the Babylonians had systems where government owned most of the means of production.  The Incas were destroyed by the Spaniards.   The Maya would be good to study.

Pakman did mention anarchistic forms of communism or extreme socialism. .
Pakman also considers Stalinist communism, Maoism, and even North Korea as “right wing” perversions of socialism.  Venezuela seems less clear.

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