Wednesday, July 24, 2019

"Almost Every Major Franchise Is Compromised" by wokeness

Computing Forever warns us that “Almost Every Major Franchise Is Compromised”.

The problem is that Hollywood needs to keep a big audience (especially in theaters) for its big, predicable and reproducible franchise material; since wokeness is popular, Hollywood has to bow to woke values, particular on race, and not only sexuality but gender fluidity.

At one time the “production code” would have prohibited intimating homosexuality, and now any hint of white preference is unmentionable. A conventionally cis gay male hero would be seen as too conservative. Expectations of "casting diversity" could compromise many scripts. 

Oddly, despite the bottom line, Computing Forever warns that many Hollywood executives are so deep in their left wing bubbles that they will risk profits to dive further into wokeness.
He has some special remarks for the Men in Black and remakes of Ghostbusters, and the idea of female James Bond characters. 

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