Thursday, June 27, 2019

"Vegas Nights": soft-core gay film presents nice college kids exploring night life: with some more character narratives it would be a "real feature" for theaters

If you want something a little bit erotic with nice college kids, try Alex Roman’s film “Vegas Nights”, a YouTube gay film in five videos, total about 40 minutes (released end of 2018 by Helix Studios).

Five college boys tour the Las Vegas night and club scene. (In the midst of all the clubs and casinos there is a CVS store, from above)/  This most charismatic is a fast-talking kid played by Julian Bell, who sounds like an expert in card counting (like in the movie “21”). If not, he’s probably something like a pre-med student. He gets an invitation to meet an admirer in a specific hotel room, and you can guess that it could be challenging.  In the bar scenes before, he does act like he is celebrating having turned 21. 
The film races toward a Las Vegas style gay marriage in the last video.
Starting in video 3 (the hotel room invitation) YouTube requires you to sign in, so at that point it regards the content as rated as a soft “R”.  What the lead character says when he gets into a car after the hotel encounter is catchy: he seems to be bragging about self-effacement, as upward affiliation.  This film could be packaged and released as a DVD as a “real film” in the gay market, maybe by TLA.  You want the screenwriters to tell the audience as much as possible about the backgrounds of the characters.  But some viewers might want the characters to look more diverse.

Vegas may be a bit sensitive about films set in skyscraper hotels after the awful incident on Oct. 1, 2017.  I was last there in 2012 (picture above; also 1985, 1997, 2000).  In 2000, I would then visit the outskirts of Area 51. 

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