Tuesday, June 25, 2019

"To Scale: The Solar System": making a model at the site of "Burning Man"

Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet present “To Scale: The Solar System”.
In Black Rock Desert in Nevada (site of “Burning Man” aka #NoSpectators” every September) three friends construct a scale model of the Solar System, through Neptune, seven miles in diameter.  Logan Paul is nowhere to be seen. 

The Earth is the size of a marble, and the Sun is a ball with the same apparent size as the real sun at the simulated distance.

Jupiter would have ten times the diameter of Earth’s marble (including the visible atmosphere to the cloud tops), and the Sun would have 100 times that diameter.
The Sun comprises plasma;  the outer planets comprise gas that compresses to slushy liquid, then liquid metal hydrogen (at least Jupiter and Saturn), and then a rocky core, probably.

The seven-minute film also shows some footage from Apollo 15. 

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