Friday, May 10, 2019

What do Marvel and Disney plan to follow the "Avengers Endgame" with?

There was no “preview” of a post-Avengers movie in the end-credits (reviewed on my Wordpress blog), but “Everything Always” predicts a permanent “Galactus” for "Phase 4".

There will be a differentiation between “earth” threats and “cosmic” threats.

EA talks about “branch reality” (even post infinity stones) as the only way to save ordinary humanity.
Marvel and Walt Disney Studios have too much going for them to let go of this.  There are always more plots.  But can “everyone” be saved, or only the most privileged? 

But at least this movie didn't end with a king-and-pawn ending and a stalemate.  Maybe the next movie will have a scene in one of Greenwich Village's little chess studios (or the Marshall Chess Club, which I visited in 2014). 

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