Wednesday, May 01, 2019

"The Library of Alexandria" on the Nile; how its fires set back human progress

The Library of Alexandria: The Crime that Set Human Civilization Back 1000 Years”, a video by “Bright Insight”.

In the ancient era, when Alexandria, at the mouth of the Nile (north  of Cairo) was the leading port city for ships to stop for trade, magistrates would go on board and confiscate scrolls, and copy them by hand, and put them in the library, and return copies to the ships.

About 700,000 scrolls were stored there at one time, until Julius Caesar started a fire that accidentally burned it down, and destroyed two thirds of the contents, around 47 BC.  There would be several more fires in the following centuries.  It was conquest and imperialism (a common crime in the eyes of the Left) that led to this catastrophe. 

The videographer argues that we might have created technological civilization hundreds of years sooner and be living in space now.  Or we could have destroyed ourselves with nuclear war or climate change sooner. 
Content that did survive included the theory of Euclidean geometry.

The tragedies of the library would seem comparable to an electromagnetic pulse attack on modern civilization by an enemy, or even a Carrington-sized solar storm hitting the Earth today.  We are not prepared for that.   

The title of the YouTube channel corresponds to a property of the Rosenfels idea of "psychologically feminine".
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