Friday, May 24, 2019

"The Last Broadcast" is one of the grittiest homemade horror movies ever

The Last Broadcast” is a quirky and gritty horror film layered as a docudrama that I saw at the Bell Auditorium of the University of Minnesota in 1998.  It was one of the first digitally projected films ever shown in a theater.

The film was compared to “The Blair Witch Project” at the time, which we may return to later.
The plot concerns the brutal murders of three young men in the New Jersey Pine Barrens (south of Fort Dix) in December 1995. The young men were documenting the supposed existence of the “Jersey Devil”.  One of their own, Jim Suard, had an argument with the others and left and was later convicted of their death, perhaps wrongfully.

The style of the film is to play the “fact or fiction” question in layered fashion.

The film is directed and written by Stefan Avalos and Mike Weiler.

The film and DVD come from Wavelength Releasing.

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